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MultiCèdre is a company specialized in the production of cedar shingles. Our plant is located in the municipality of EspritSaint, near the large forest highlands that border the Lower St. Lawrence region. The production of mulch and cedar chips is managed by MultiFib, a subsidiary company that operates in Dégelis, Témiscouata.

The MultiCèdre family is unique by the value it places on the security and training of its workers. The entreprise can count on a young and stable team of 45 employees, and we’re always looking to grow our staff with new talents.

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Our advanced infrastructures enable us to provide a vast choice of high quality cedar products. We see our clients as true partners and consistently strive to provide custom-made solutions that meet their specific needs.

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The municipality of Esprit-Saint is the bearer of a rich past. The determination and resilience of its builders is still visible in the unique character of this community, where the forestry and wood processing industry has always been and continues to be a major source of economic viability.

MultiCèdre and its predecessors faced numerous challenges in their efforts to keep the town’s sole industry alive. Since their beginnings in 1971, the facilities were devastated by three major fires, and the company also survived periods of economic turmoil.



Since the acquisition of the plant in 2007, the current promoters are future-oriented and continuously strive to expand the company by working in close collaboration with its employees and customers. Many investments were made to increase productivity and improve the working environment. The team of workers grew from around 20 in 2007 to more than 45 employees as of today.



In 2016, the company continued to expand with the acquisition of a new plant, MultiFib, which is responsible of processing and transforming the residues from Esprit-Saint’s plant into cedar mulch, a highly popular horticultural product.