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Natural mulch
Natural mulch
Black mulch
Black mulch
Brown mulch
Brown mulch
Red mulch
Red mulch

MultiFib Mulch

MultiFib mulch is made entirely from recycled residues which come from our shingle manufacturing plant. Durable and eco-friendly, this natural ground-cover offers great insulating power, helps to control competing vegetation, maintains ground humidity and keeps harmful insects away. This highly popular horticultural product is perfect for landscaping and gardening projects.

A cover of 2-3 inches (5-8 cm) of cedar mulch is recommended for optimal results:

  • A 2 cu. ft bag covers up to 12 sq. ft (1.1 m2).
  • A 3 cu. ft bag covers up to 18 sq. ft (1.6 m2).


  • Controls weed growth
  • Protects plant roots from natural light and temperature variations
  • Maintains soil humidity, reducing watering
  • Repels certain insects
  • Minimal maintenance


  • 2 cu. ft bag (56 L)
  • 3 cu. ft bag (85 L)
  • In bulk

Choice of colors

Mulch sold in 2 or 3 cu. ft bags and in bulk is available in following colors:

  • Natural
  • Red
  • Black
  • Brown